Dr. Jordan Cooper

Dentrepreneurship 360

The Dentist as the CEO Program

There is no substitute for one-on-one mentoring. The program, titled Dentrepreneurship 360, is a holistic program focused on philosophical elements of Dr. Cooper’s success and is perfect for the entrepreneurial mind.

Experience 2 days of clinical mentorship with Dr. Cooper at Cooper Family Dentistry
Five half hour phone calls to follow up (if desired)
Inclusion in Thursday morning board meeting


  • Experience a board meeting at the Cooper Corporate office
  • Learn how to structure dental managment team
  • See how to run a highly productive, service oriented family practice
  • Time with Dr. Cooper (for questions, etc)
  • Seeing team environment in person


  • Spend 2-3 nights in Little Rock, AR
  • From morning meeting until lunch both days observing the practice
  • Lunch with Dr. Cooper
  • Afternoons combination of clinical dentistry observation and business/philosophy discussions
  • Follow up phone conversations (5 calls, 30 min each, if desired)


Included with Program:
  • A Copy of Dr. Cooper’s motivational book
  • Sample company reports
  • Sample employee manual
  • Dentreprenuership 360 workbook
  • Other helpful materials and resources as needed


Dr. Doug Rinehart discusses Dr. Jordan Cooper’s Mentorship Program
Dr. Andy Orr Discusses Dr. Jordan Cooper’s Mentorship Program

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